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Athletes using steroids

Athletes using steroids
Controversy in sports
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The biggest talk in sports today is about athletes using steroids.  Me my self I have no problem with that.  I think that everyone should be able to use them that way nobody will have an excuse saying, “well he’s better because he’s on steroids”.  If everyone is on them then there wont be any excuses and everyone will have the same opportunity to be great. 


I think that all this talk about athletes using steroids is a bunch of bull.  To me, I think Jose Canseco is just lying so he can get back in the light.  I mean for a couple years nobody hears about Jose Canseco, and then all of a sudden he pops up out the darkness accusing athletes of using steroids.  Then goes on to say that he injected them into certain athletes himself.  He just wants publicity for all this.  If we just made it legal for every one to use steroids then we wouldn’t have this problem.  Were people are accusing others of using them.  It would just be fair in all sports.


If you look at all the people Jose Canseco is accusing.  They are all star athletes in baseball.  Athletes that are at the top of the charts in most of the categories.  Take that away from baseball.  And what do you have?  Just your average Joe’s?  I mean honestly, who wants to sit down and watch just your average Joe’s play ball?  Yes, for now it’s wrong, but hey, it’s interesting.  I mean you can’t blame a guy for doing everything in his power to be the best he can be.  Even Uncle Same says, “Be the best you can be”.  He doesn’t say, “Be the best you can be with out using illegal substances.  I’m sure it’s the greatest feeling in the world to know that you’re the best athlete at your position, or in the sport you play.  I know I would do ANYTHING to be in there shoes. 


In the end the world of sports would be greater with allowing athletes to use steroids.  Because they will be able to do things we never thought possible.  And after that break those records and so on and so on.  I mean what would you rather see, the same thing happening over and over again?  Or somebody stepping up to the plate and slammin 100 homers in a year?  Me personally I’d rather see 100 homers in 1 year.


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The biggest commotion in sports today, is the illegal use of Steroids.  Athletes are being accused of illegally using steroids.  The one doing all the accusing is a former athlete (Jose Canseco).  Me personally, I don’t believe the accusations.  I believe that Jose Canseco is just missing his fame and popularity, and this is his way of getting back in the light.  Athletes reputations are being ruined because of one mans' accusations. 


If you think about it, there is almost no way of preventing athletes from using steroids.  After a while, they will find new ways of beating the system.  All it takes is time to find out new ways to pass the drug tests.  In my opinion, I think that steroids should just be legal.  That way all athletes have the same opportunity, because either way, legal or illegal, athletes will use steroids.  Might as well make it legal so that the game will be fair and equal once again. 


Let me ask you a question!  What would you rather see, Bonds jackin 70 homeruns in a season, batting .350 with 90 R.B.I's?  Or your average athlete jackin 30 homeruns a season, batting .290, with 60 R.B.I's?  I mean what's more appealing?  Nobody wants to see the same thing over and over again.  We want records being broken.  We want new limits being reached.  We don’t want to see just your average athlete doing what we've already seen before.  Who hasn’t seen Jeff Bagwell hit 35 home runs in a season?  It's happened 11 times already.  It kind of gets old and boring after the 3rd season.  WHY?  Because its been done before.  It's not that appealing anymore. 


I mean here we are, criticizing athletes for using steroids.  But in a way, we push them to do it.  We put so much pressure on athletes to be GREAT.  So why punish an athlete for what we have driven them to do?  Athletes get pushed to the limit everyday.  And we expect them to toe the line, and lean over as much as they can with out crossing it.  But in all reality, do we really expect all athletes to be clean?  Is it even possible?  I don’t think so.  So why have a few athletes use them?  While your average athlete is out there trying his hardest, and cant get in the spotlight. I think that just making them legal would be the best thing to do.  That way, sports will once again be fair and equal.

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