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Controversy in sports
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Today in our world, athletes are practically worshiped by kids and adults.  Kids growing up want to be just like them.  They try and imitate everything they do.  But what happens when an athlete gets into a fight on public television?  Or when an athlete argues with a referee?  Do you think that the kids at home watching this think that it’s ok for them to do it also? 


            If you take a look at sports around the world since the brawl with Ron Artest, and Ben Wallace, which then led into a brawl with Ron Artest, Jermaine O’Neal, Steven Jackson and some of the Detroit Pistons fans.  All of a sudden you have brawls in college football, then brawls in college basketball, and then a major brawl in high school basketball.  Before the Ron Artest and Ben Wallace incident there wasn’t such controversy in sports.  Now, it’s all you can see on ESPN and local news channels.  In my opinion, all this is doing is sending a message to other professional, collegiate, and high school athletes that it is ok for a brawl to break out.  I mean why not?  Professionals did it.  And it’s not like a select few people can see the fights that are breaking out.  These outbreaks are being shown on basic cable channels, not to mention ESPN and all local news channels, meaning anybody that has basic cable can watch.  There seems to be more and more of these fights breaking out in sports in just this one year then all the years before this put together.  Something needs to change with the punishments given out to athletes.  Because apparently the athletes are very scared of them if they keep acting like this.  Athletes should be setting examples for children growing up today that it is wrong to act the way they have been acting.  Because children need idols to look up to and to want to be just like.  Everybody in the world wants to be an athlete.  Nobody growing up says they want to go to school for 12 years and be a doctor.  They’d rather go to high school for 12 years and while in high school excel in sports rather then school.


            Athletes should just think about the mistake they are making before they do it.  Because most of all they are not harming them selves, they are harming the children that worship them.  In the end, athletes have to pay fines.  But the children loose morals and the sport all together.




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            Athletes in university colleges are lucky because they have the opportunity to get a scholarship.  Where as if you go to a junior college like I do, you do not have that opportunity.  The only thing they give you is a chance to play sports for fun. 


I think that if we had scholarships for sports here at Del Mar that maybe we would attract more serious athletes and maybe more students in general.   And then maybe Del Mar College will be known for some sports.  And students out of college might want to come here for the sports.    I play baseball her for the Del Mar Vikings.  I love baseball and wish I could play for a university that might give me a scholarship.  But I can’t take the chance and enroll in a college and the universities not give me a scholarship.  Because I cant afford to go to a university for one semester with no way of paying for it.  And if Del Mar gave scholarships, then students wouldn’t have to go to a university that cost more money, they could come here and have the same chances that they could at a university.


Del Mar would make more money then they would hand out because athletes would come here rather then a university because it’s cheaper all the way around.  And would rather stay here and wait for the chance to get a scholarship and pay cheaper tuition then go to a university and pay more money.  Just to know that they have a chance to get a scholarship would attract athletes.  So in a way Del Mar College wouldn’t be losing money because it will be making up for it with the new students coming in.  And if the athletic programs were sponsored, it would really make things easy for us.  Because on our baseball team, we have to have fundraiser after fundraiser to try and earn enough money for a tournament, vehicle, and hotels.  It’s a constant struggle trying to raise enough money.  And sometimes we don’t.  As it is we are in debt with hotels and the cooks that cooked the food for the fundraisers for us. 


So make things easy on us athletes here at Del Mar.  If we cant get scholarships, atleast give us sponsorships.  It would help out a lot and we could actually practice more instead of wasting time on fundraisers. 




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College athletes are pretty much well known, especially the top prospects that have a good chance of making it to the pros.  And the colleges have scholarships to keep these athletes at their schools.  That way the school will be well known and more people will want to go there.  This is why I think that Del Mar College should have scholarships.


            If Del Mar College had a scholarship program for athletes, I think they would attract more students to want to come here.  Not only that but they can make money off of the concession stands and entry fee’s at the games.  More people will want to come and try out for the team knowing that they have a chance to get a scholarship.  In the end Del Mar College would end up making a lot more profit by having a scholarship program.  And if they recruit good enough athletes, and Del Mar gets known as a contending college then they will get a lot of publicity. 


            I play for the Del Mar Vikings baseball team.  The only thing that sucks about playing for the team is that not only is it time consuming.  But it’s a big hassle to try and raise money for the games, umpires, stadiums, and transportation.  And let me tell you it’s not cheap to play ball.  It’s so hard to schedule practice, go to school, and try and have fundraisers every week.  I think we could be a contender in baseball if we actually had the time to have a full team practice 2-3 times a week.  Instead of having fundraisers 2-3 times a week and practicing with half the team for 1-2 days.  I think that if we had a sponsor, then things would be a lot easier for us.  And we could bring some students and publicity to Del Mar. 


            So, if we had sponsors and a scholarship program, we as a team would attract students, and in a way make money for Del Mar College.  And also make it easy for the team to have practice instead of scrambling around trying to raise money for games.  People would pay to see college contenders at their best playing ball.  And that’s all we want as a team, to be seen and play ball.





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College athletes are pretty well known in our world today.  They have almost as much publicity as professional athletes.  So why aren’t they treated the same?  Why don’t they get paid to go to college and support a school?  Well in a way some of them do.  They get scholarships to play sports.  But why don’t all colleges get the same opportunity as every big college. 


I think that all college athletes should be given the same opportunity to excel in sports.  All colleges should have a scholarship programs.  This will give all students the same opportunity in a small college as it would in a bigger college.  I know that right off the bat the college is thinking that they will be losing money, but they wont.  Because if the college does very good in the sports and starts to be ranked.  Then more students will want to come to this college to play for the Del Mar Vikings.  They wont all get a scholarship but will stay just to be on a team that is nationally ranked.  Which, that itself is good enough. 


Lets say that a small college like Del Mar would have sponsors and a coaching staff.  That would make it even easy for the team so they can practice instead of wasting time scheduling games and having fundraisers.  Cause I mean if a team is going to be nationally ranked, and then they have to have organized practices and sponsors.  So that they don’t have to waste all their time with fundraisers and stressing about if they made enough money.  Well I can speak from experience about this because that is what we (The Del Mar Vikings) go through on a regular basis.  And teams don’t even want to come to play us because they know we are so unorganized.  And that’s embarrassing.  Because we take time out of our days to raise money, and the team doesn’t even show up. 


I think that it would just be better for everyone in the end if we had a good sponsor and scholarship program.  The team could practice, get well known for sports, and attract more students that want to be on the teams.  Which in the end, brings in more money for Del Mar college.  Just a little something to think about.

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