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Should negotions with terrorism be allowed?
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As of now the United States do not negotiate with terrist.  Why? I do not know.  But i think that they should in certain cases.  Becasue by not negotiating with terrist we put the hostiges lives in danger.


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As of now the United States does not negotiate with terrorist.  In a way I understand why they don’t.  It’s because if one terrorist does it and gets away with it.  Then we will have total kais.  I  can understand all of this.  But what I do not understand is what they tell the family?  I mean how do you tell a family member, “Oh we don’t negotiate with terrorist, your family member is in the hands of God right now.”


Put it this way, if it was your family member you would do anything and everything in your power to save their life.  But the department of defense doesn’t see it that way, they see it as a weakness that could turn into a disaster.  But the way I see it, a persons life is very important, at least to another family member.  What would you say if someone was held hostage, and there was something you could do to save them, yet you did nothing, and the hostage died because you didn’t even make an effort?  Could you live with that on your conscience knowing you did nothing?  I know I couldn’t. 


In my opinion every persons life is very important.  So why don’t we treat them as if it were our own.  By doing everything in our power to save their lives.  As if we were trying to save our own, or a loved one.  Even if we were to kidnap one of the terrorist in return for the hostage’s life.  In most cases two wrongs don’t make a right.  But when a persons life is in danger, we can make an accept ion, at least I think so.  Because if terrorist catch on that they can just take a life of an American, and the United States does nothing about it, then they will keep doing it.  Knowing that they can get away with it Scott free. 


Either way it’s a lose lose situation, why not at least try and save a person life in the process.  I figure if we are going to lose something anyway, why not save a life in the process.  But at the same time I can see how it would give the United States a weakness towards terrorist, but I cant help how I feel about a persons life
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 Terrorism has become a major problem in the United States since the whole 9/11 incident.  I’m glad that there are more necessary precautions being taken to ensure the safety of our fellow Americans.  But what precautions do we have for Americans being held hostage, and terrorist asking for a ransom?  We don’t have any.  It’s just a simple NO!  We just do not negotiate with terrorist. 


It’s easy to just say no when it’s not a loved one that is being held hostage.  But put this into consideration, if it was your husband, or father being held hostage.  What extents would you go to, to see your father safe again?  We would do anything and everything possible, whether it is legal or illegal.  It’s hard to keep your personal feeling set aside so that they don’t interfere with your actions.  But if it was a loved one, nobody or nothing would be able to stop you from saving their life, they would have to put you in jail or kill you.  But we should at least make an effort to save their life, take one of them hostage.  I know that two wrongs don’t make a right, but in this case it can’t get any righter.


People may think that by negotiating with terrorist it makes our country weaker.  And it may.  But how strong are we if we do nothing to save a hostage’s life?  If we were to give in to terrorist and actually negotiate with them, then more terrorist will take hostages and we will have chaos.  So in a way I can see why we don’t negotiate.  But still, a person’s life is more important, and at least should be considered.  I mean, could you live with yourself knowing that you could have done something to save a persons life, and know you did nothing, nothing at all.  Would you like to live with that on your conscience for the rest of your life? 


I’m not meaning to change the world’s opinion; I’m just letting the world know my opinion.  Every person is of the up most importance to our nation.  Why not show them our gratitude if they were to ever be held hostage by negotiating with terrorist

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