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Television programs
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These days we have a bunch of different television programs.  Some suitable for children under the age of 18, and most not.  Me myself i like watching action movies, where somebody alwyas seems to get hurt, or killed.  But for children under 18, these programs arent suitable for them.  They get taught things that shouldnt be taught to them at such a young age.  Like killing, stealing, rape, and sexual content.  I understand that there is going to be these channels for the adults that are old enough to watch these programs.  But what about hte younger children.  They shouldnt be introduced to such things at such a young age.  They could brainwash them, or teach them things that they shouldnt know.  For an adult to see somebody getting killed or hurt in a movie, its ok, becuase adults can tell the difference between fiction and reality, younger children dont know the difference yet.  They can think its cool, or even worse, ok to do something like this.  They can think that since its being shown on television that its ok.  But its really not.  I think that there should be more extreme blocks on the channels that arent suitable for children under 18.  Now a days we have blocks on these t.v. programs, but not very good ones.  Because its so easy for kids to find the password, type it in, and be able to watch the program with out anybody knowing.  It needs to be to where the only way you can watch the program is with a finger print match.  And have only the adults over 18 finger prints saved on to the tv.  That way there is no possible way for the kids to watch these programs unless ok'd by the parent or gaurdian.  This is just my opinion.  Some parents or gaurdians may think that it is ok for you to watch these programs.  Thinking that you are smart enough to tell the difference between reality and fiction, wrong and right.  And some children are.  Its just based on the parents view of things.  Wheather or not the child is capable of knowing these things are fictional.  These are my feelings on t.v. programs on these days.  And what we can do to prevent children from watching programs unsuitable for their age.
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In the world today we have a variety of different television programs.  From cartoons to porn.  Some suitable for children, but most not.  And thats the main problem.  We have too many television programs not suitable for children under the age of 18.  Whether it be killing, how to shoot guns, drugs, and pornography.  I think our idols today are sending the wrong message to children.  Lets say I idolize Jean-Claude Van Dam.  The message i get from his is that its ok to kill if you have any kind of reason to do so.  He kills somebody in almost every movie, if not seriously injuring them.  There is to much fighting and violence on television today.  And its not like only adults are watching it.  Because these television programs are being shown today on basic cable.  Meaning just anybody can watch them.  Most children idolize either an actor, or an athlete in professional sports.  And even Professional athletes today are sending the wrong message.  For example, look at the incient that happend in Detriot, when the Pistons were playing the Pacers.  When Ben Wallace and Ron Artest got into a fight on live television.  Then became an all out brawl when Jackson and Oneil from teh pacers got into the fight.  Then fans from Detroit got into the brawl.  And now all of a sudden.  We have brawls in sports all over television.  Highschool basketball teams, college football and basketball teams, and professional football teams.  This sent a message to kids and other athletes that it is ok to have brawls in sports.  I mean why not?  We have professinal atheletes doing it so it has to be ok.....right?.....WRONG. 
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What do you think the main problem in the world today is?  Sex?  Drungs?  Alcohol?  Violence?  Well if these are the main problems in the world today.  How do we stop it?  By promoting it on national television?  I think not.  I think that all we are doing is hurting our young childrens minds, and some adults minds with these television programs being shown on just any old regular basic cable channel.  Everybody complains about all these factors.  Yet nobody does anything about it.  You think that because you have 2 commercials sayin dont do drugs that its gonna help?  When you have 50 programs of children doing drugs or adults doing drugs on t.v.  I think not.  I think we are going about changing the world totally wrong.  I think that if we really wanted the world to change.  We would change the t.v. programs we have on basic cable channels.  Kids see things on t.v and it puts ideas in there heads.  For example, shows them how to shoot guns, how to do drugs, and sexual content.  Its not so much taking these programs away completely.  Just away and out of hte reach of children who are not mature enough to tell the difference from what is right and what is wrong.  Televison programs are just in all sending the wrong message to our children.  We have children saying cuss words at young ages.  Where do you think they heard these words?  T.v.  I think(if we really wanna change the world) that we should start with what we show on t.v.  Because now adays we dont have kids reading many books.  Children love t.v.  We cant blame them.  It catches their attention.  I think we should have stronger blocks on what is shown on basic channels.

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